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  • Best Telecommunications Certifications For 2017

    Best Telecommunications Certifications For 2017

    When it comes to bringing people and systems together, networking is often required to make all of the right connections and technologies work. However, there's a lot more than just networking involved in telecommunications certifications and the technologies they cover.  

    Here we cover a variety of certifications, including classic telecommunications, telecommunications networking, and streaming voice and video platforms for unified communications. Our top five picks include a Telecommunications Certification Organization (TCO) certification, as well as a voice and data convergence credential developed under the auspices of the Telecommunications Industry Association, or TIA.

    You will also read about engineering-oriented communications certifications such as the Internet Protocol Engineering Professional (IPEP), the iNARTE Telecommunications Engineer, and a distribution credential from Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI), which was originally a building trades association.

    The BICSI certification is in such high standing that it's a Department of Defense requirement.

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  • Wireless Charging Will Come From the Ceiling

    Wireless Charging Will Come From the Ceiling

    Wireless charging is not really wireless, in terms of today's technology. The traditional set up involves plugging in a charging pad to a wall and then carefully placing a smartphone or tablet on top of that pad. So you've not really eliminated any cords. The Ossia Cota system could change that.

    The startup's Cota (charging over the air) technology sends power to your mobile devices the same way a router sends data, by flowing through the 2.45-GHz spectrum band. The system involves a transmitter with AA batteries and a receiver.

    The receiver would be built into your devices, and would broadcast a low-power beacon signal to the transmitter at a rate of 100 times a second, which will tell the transmitter how dire the charging situation is. When the transmitter gets that signal it sends power back.

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  • Decommissioning Old IT Equipment Made Easy

    Decommissioning Old IT Equipment Made Easy

    If done wrong, getting rid of old hardware can be a dangerous security leak and bad for the environment. Here's some tips on how to do it right.

    Nobody wants their corporate data showing up on eBay. Decommissioning old IT equipment adds a few things you need to consideration in order to keep pace with technology, budgetary realities and securing  your proprietary data.

    Decommissioning Old PCs

    "The definition of old is going to differ in certain organizations," says Patricia Adams, an IT asset management expert with Landesk. "If you're talking to a vendor, old might be 12 months, but if you're talking to a customer that has budget constraints, old might be 2 years or it might be 7 years."

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