The Avigilon portfolio of fixed video, advanced analytics and smart access control systems are part of Motorola Solutions’ mission-critical ecosystem designed for public safety and enterprise security. Avigilon solutions help you find and share critical intelligence faster, so you can respond to events with the speed and decisiveness that keeps people, operations and assets safe. Motorola Solutions’ suite of technologies – land mobile radio mission-critical communications, video security & access control and command center software, bolstered by managed & support services – create the most integrated technology ecosystem to make communities safer and help businesses stay productive and secure.


Our video security, cloud and access control solutions
are integrated and powered by AI to provide you with
the right information at the right time — so you can take
decisive action.

AI & Video Analytics

Technology Solutions to help you detect, verify and act on critical events.

Video Security

Latest technology management software, cameras and video recorders.

Access Control

Physical access control solutions to keep people, property and assets safe.

Avigilon Cloud Services

Cloud connected ACC sites enable secure, remote access to your system from anywhere.