Workplace Experience

This core product combines device insights, employee insights, and application insights into meaningful, actionable metrics to highlight what can be modified to improve the digital employee experience.


A powerful, low code orchestration engine that continuously optimizes complex workflows, monitors progress with real-time, AI-powered data, handles exceptions, and ensures that all tasks are completed in the right sequence and with the right dependencies.

Application Experience

Gives comprehensive visibility into the performance, reliability, and adoption of all applications (including web/SaaS), ensuring a positive digital experience and cost-effective digital transformation projects.


An easy-to-install, platform-agnostic browser plugin that integrates into any service desk tool.

Employee Engagement

Bridges the gap between IT and the actual user with contextual, two-way communications.

Collaboration Experience

Provides comprehensive visibility into all aspects of an employee’s Microsoft Teams or Zoom session experience, helping to identify and prevent issues, speed up resolution, and inform vendor relationships.

Experience Central

Takes DEX scoring to the next level, by providing customizable DEX dashboards and scoring.


A human-powered digital employee experience subscription service, connecting customers with the proven experts, technology, experience, and focus needed to accelerate achieving the benefits of Nexthink.