Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Automatically stops millions of common threats
Additional semi-automated threat discovery
Automatically detects and responds to a range of complex threats
Automated root cause analysis
Commodity threats
Zero-day exploits
Unknown malware
Fileless threats
New ransomware
Other evasive and advanced threats


Complementing Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business with advanced detection scenarios for new and targeted threats without affecting endpoint performance.
Improved protection and automated response to advanced threats across all protected endpoints including distributed networks with remote offices.
No additional investments in staff and in-house expertise Integration with 3rd party solutions via RESTful API facilitating maximum benefit from the solution in complex environments.

Anti Targeted Attack Platform

A network sensor receives copies of all traffic data
Centralized data and verdicts repository
Advanced Detection mechanisms
Kaspersky Security Network/ Kaspersky Private Security Network
Central Node
Response toolset
Single web console and centralized

Threat Intelligence

Objects to analyze
Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal
Automated Correlation

Endpoint Security

Meets requirements: prevents mistakes and scales:
• Alerts admins to potential errors
• Ensures software licensing compliance.
• Prevents risky behavior on endpoints
Protects : Mixed and complex environments by
• Mitigating the risk from vulnerabilities & unencrypted PCs
• Server hardening
• Stopping known TTPs
Reduces the number of events
• Automated EDR
• System management

Hybrid Cloud Security

Cloud workload protection: system hardening, exploit prevention, file integrity monitoring and more.
Patented architecture prevents any adverse impact on service levels, system performance or user experience
Enables compliance with a wide range of national and industry regulations
Ensures consistent visibility and control over every part of the infrastructure
Rich reporting engine enables ‘continuous audit’
Broad and timely guest, virtualization and cloud platform support and native API integration

Security for Mail Server

Multi-layered ML-based anti-malware and anti-phishing
Content filtering to safeguard data and reduce the risk of infection
Automated anti-spam with reputation and shadow quarantine
All-in-one, ready-to-use Secure Mail Gateway appliance
Dedicated business email compromise protection
Malicious script detection