Learning Management System

Security Awareness Platform


ExceedGRC™ is providing the users with an integrated solution with a simple workflow that address’s all organizations challenging compliance requirements.
Policies with compliance approach to most international and national standards, with controls and statements backed up with our experience and best practices.
Statements and controls will be utilized to understand the Value of Risk and develop the appropriate action plan to manage and lower the value of the Risks, to reach an acceptable level for the organization.
Statements and controls shall be evaluated for compliance, this will help and guide organization in understanding the value of Gap and actions needed to close it.
By connecting the Policy to Risk Management and getting the feedback from the Compliance module, this will help organization better:
• Governance Management: Build the right policies and processes in the organization that adheres to the selected standards.
• Risk Management: Understand and evaluate value of Risks associated with operational activities
• Compliance Management: Determine the level of compliance by determining the level of compliance and Gaps from implementing the desired controls.
The ExceedGRC™ platform is offered in comprehensive package to meet the needs of all organizations.